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We specialize in hot/cold exposure therapy for physical, mental, and metabolic health
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Cognitive Health

Reduce stress by improving mental resiliency, boost focus and acuity, and increase sleep quality.

Metabolic Health

Convert white fat to brown/beige fat to super charge your metabolism resulting in more calories burned throughout the day and a higher tolerance to cold.

Physical Health

Reduce inflammation for acute and chronic injuries and illnesses. Relieve pain, recovery quicker, and have more energy.

Every body is unique.
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Unlimited Recovery Sessions

With the right support, you can take the first steps toward improving your overall health and living a more fulfilling life.
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Hale House

History of Hale House

In December 2021, founder and owner, Tracey Howell, tested positive for COVID-19. Despite being young, healthy, and fit, Tracey suffered complete respiratory failure due to double pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism. She spent a total of 24 days in the hospital and over 50 days on oxygen. As a former competitive athlete, she pushed hard everyday to recover and heal. She became open to any and all science-based recovery modalities to help speed the process.

A hater of β€œthe cold,” and unable to deny the massive amounts of scientific research, she decided to try hot/cold exposure therapy. Surprisingly, she fell in love! Not only did it help reduce inflammation and promote quicker healing, but it also served to improve mental resilience and sleep quality while safely working her lungs at the same time.

In 2022, Tracey, a certified health and nutrition coach, certified yoga teacher, and CF-L1 trainer, traveled the country seeking out contrast therapy wherever she went. She met tons of others that also love hot/cold therapy for various reasons. Upon returning to the Tidewater area, Tracey decided to share this valuable recovery tool with her community right here in Chesapeake, VA.


Located near Sam's Club in Greenbrier just off Battlefield Blvd.

Taking time for yourself isn't easy. No need to make it more challenging. Hale House is located and easily accessible from I-64 in Chesapeake.


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1437 Sam's Drive #117 Chesapeake, VA 23320
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